Oxcyon is the company behind Centralpoint. Oxcyon's Centralpoint technology is a leading Digital Experience Platform. This centralized platform harmonizes the many functions you need, in contrast to the traditional approach of cobbling together disparate technologies. Oxcyon's Centralpoint technology harmonizes your information, so that each user can be served in a personalized way. Centralpoint aggregates all of your information into a singular tool, consolidating your content, digital assets, documents, videos and serves each user based on their preference. Put an end to cobbling together various technologies in favor of a singular and harmonized digital experience platform. Centralpoint is used by hundreds of organizations in a variety of verticals. It is updated bi weekly, and is a mature platform representing over 200 harmonized modules out of the box. 

We invite you to read Gartner's research on Digital Experience Platforms. Gartner predicts a unification of the many tools you use today into a single, harmonized platform. This is precisely what Centralpoint does, and because we have been doing it for over 15 years, we have more functionality available out of the box than any other vendor. This means that when we demonstrate your solution, it is not by way of powerpoint....we can prove it to you. The secret to Centralpoint's horizontal reusability across many verticals is in it's architecture. Centralpoint employs MPHC (Mutli-polyhierarchical classifications) which can be modified by vertical, by client and by the types of information you need to manage across your many users.  It considers a cascading delivery of your information from one central point, down through your many, n-tiered channels. There is no limit the depth (of complexity) of the information you need to manage. Centralpoint also provides out of the box Single Sign On (with Active Directory, LDAP, oAuth, and other), so that it can serve each user in your ecosystem securely. This means one installation of Centralpoint can support everyone (Employees, Clients, Partners, Affiliates or Partners). In addition to being able to be deployed rapidly on premise or in the cloud, we can also guarantee that your solution will never become obsolete. Oxcyon's virtual Evergreen Updates keeps each client up to date regardless of where they choose to host. Centralpoint is one of those technologies you must see to believe....even if you don't decide to purchase it.      

Whether you have a new project today or need to bail out an old project, Oxcyon can help. Oxcyon has enjoyed early market adoption within: Healthcare, Manufacturing, Distribution, Government, Non Profit and Publishing verticals. Centralpoint is used by over 320 clients worldwide representing millions of end users. The Centralpoint Wheel illustrates the massive scalability regardless of client size or vertical. Centralpoint is a one-size fits all solution for any organization. 
Contact us today and share details of your current challenges or upcoming project. We will show you exactly how we would approach the project, by building it, and if you agree, we will finish what we started. We will even import samples of your data (pre sale), to prove our capabilities. Talk is cheap...let us show you. 

"The competitor to be feared is the one constantly improving their product" -Henry Ford 

Interested? You've got to see it!