Centralpoint Update 8.7.20

Date of Update: Monday, January 08, 2018
Feature Summary
FormUniqueFieldValidator CpScript The ItemToCompare parameter has been extended to allow users to compare against custom XML attributes: ItemToCompare='Attributes:attribute_systemname'.
Site Architecture > System Pages A new Search > Search Taxonomy Visible attribute has been added. When enabled the front end advanced search will contain a taxonomy selector. Additional Search Taxonomy Label, Search Root Taxonomy, and Search Search Show Taxonomy Root Node attributes were also added to control the presentation of the new taxonomy selector.
CheckInButton CpScript A new SuccessJavascript parameter has been added. The provided JavaScript will be executed on each successful AJAX post.
My Logs > Logs The front end UI has been updated to automatically redirect to the chart after Log entries have been saved.
Content > Events A role="presentation" attribute has been added to calendar view table. The related module designer record must be submitted for this change to take affect.
Admin > Search All Modules Taxonomy, Audience and Roles selectors have been added under More Actions... > Change Attributes. The appear when clicking the word "Select" above the attribute's text area after selecting a Module.
Design > Mobile Navigation A new Alt Text has been added. This attribute is used to populate the image alternative text when Type = Image.

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