Centralpoint Update 8.7.5

Date of Update: Tuesday, May 30, 2017
Feature Summary
ExtStickyElement CpScript A new ResizeThreshold parameter has been added to hide or move the element when the browser is smaller than a given size.
FormatStartAndEndDates CpScript This new script can be used to format a start and end date as one element. If they are on separate days the range will be rendered, otherwise the single day will render.
All Modules: Letter Searches The "letter" query string variable has been enhanced to support a field name in the value to override the default Title search. The value of the letter query string variable can either be a letter or in the format "field|letter".
Data Transform > File Output A new Admin Roles attribute is displayed when Requires Password = Yes. Users in the selected roles will be flagged as administrators of the downloaded document giving them additional permissions.
SearchTermsCloud CpScript A new AudienceFilter parameter has been added. If this is set to Yes it will filter by the current Audience. This script displays search terms from all audiences by default.
FormTrackChanges CpScript A new SerializedForJson parameter has been added to serialize the output as as a JSON string.

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