Centralpoint Update 8.7.6

Date of Update: Monday, June 12, 2017
Feature Summary
Column CpScript A new Lowercase parameter has been added. Selecting Yes will cause the value text to be converted to all lowercase characters.
FormRequiredFieldValidator, FormCompareValidator, and FormRangeValidator CpScripts A new ClientSideValidation parameter has been added. When enable the system will validate the control using JavaScript before the form is submitted. The validation will also occur on the server when the form is submitted for security purposes.
Education > Courses A new Number of Pages For Course attribute has been added which can be used to split the test into pages. If you have 10 questions and you input 2 pages for your test both pages will contain 5 questions. Likewise if you had 11 questions and 2 pages the first page should have 5 questions and the second would have 6 questions. Added a new property "Prevent Users From Entering Wrong Answers" (PreventUsersFromEnteringWrongAnswers) using this property will add in some client side validation to the page which will enforce that the user enters in the proper value for the test before submission. Please not this can only work on gradable question types: radio buttons, drop down list, Ordering, Matching, and Multi-select.
FormCaptcha CpScript A new ReCaptchaLanguage parameter has been added.
FormCombineFormStateValues CpScript This new script will combine multiple Form State values for use in Forms > Processing.
Forms > Forms Wizard The Thank You Message in Workflow tab now has default text. Also the Form attributes DatabaseSubmission > InsertStatements, WebRequest > WebRequestFieldMap, and Custom > CustomParameters have been defaulted with values.
ReverseHyperlink CpScript New CssClass and UseWordBoundaries parameters have been added. The CSS class will be applied to the HTML A element. When UseWordBoundaries is enabled hyperlinks will not be generated when the word is found within another word.
Procedure Manuals > Policies The Version List CpControl now supports the true/false property of UsingWordAddIn. If this is set to true, it will only show versions where there is a ResourceUpload, and you can you view that in the View Details link in a popup window. Also a DataBind called SuggestaChangeLinkWordAddIn has been developed in order send you to a Suggest A Change with a version id query string, and the CpControl ResourceUploadWordAddIn has been added in order to let you download the document on the Suggest a Change form and edit it using Centralpoint's Word Add-In (the Add-In does not support this feature currently).
Data Transfer ActiveDirectoryMemberOfCommonName CpScript This new data transfer script parses the value of the Active Directory memberOf attribute. It returns a comma separated list of only the Common Names.
Data Transfer Attribute CpScript A new Format parameter has been added.
Data Transform > XML Conversion The File attribute now supports a new URL option which informs the application to retrieve the XML from the web before generating the Access Database or Excel File(s).
PolicyPreviewWordDocument CpScript This new script renders a link which will open a policy Word document in a popup window.
MediaToImage CpScript A new PolicyEditInWord parameter has been added. It displays the image if it is a policy and a Word document so that you can download it and edit it with Centralpoint's new Word Add-In.
Site Architecture > System Pages The attribute Search > Results Empty Content now supports CpScripts.
Data Transform > Data Transfer A new Media Manager (Resources) option is available under Source & Destination > Destination. It is designed to work with the File System source to move files into the Design > Media Manager module. The files are permanently moved and renamed during the transfer process.
Microsoft Word Add-In A downloadable Microsoft Word Add-In is now available which will allow documents generated using Centralpoint to be saved directly back to Centralpoint from within Microsoft Word.
Procedure Manuals > Policies The Taxonomy CpControl has been updated so it can be utilized on both the Procedure Manuals View and Home View (#1) in the module designer.
Forms > Forms Wizard Two hidden form fields were added for User CDA Audience and Roles. This is also available in the Data Source creation feature.

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