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We understand that these many systems you have implemented and are running cannot all be swapped out that easy. Sometimes, clients are stuck with some incumbent vendor's application, or are under contract to keep it for many years.

This is why Centralpoint can be installed, without Design or you can set up your own CSS within Centralpiont or inherit your existing CSS from your incumbent system. In this way you gain full access to our robust Module Gallery which includes: Forms Management, Online Education, Workflow, Email Broadcasting and Reporting to turbo charge your existing enterprise. In this scenario, we still have to authenticate your users, and continue to leverage our Global Login module to do, but it is done in reverse. Here, Centralpoint is installed at your location (or hosted by us), and you are able to place these links (our modules and tools) anywhere within your enterprise.

In this scenario, Centralpoint can act as a SAML Service Provider (SP) via Global Login and/or a SAML Identity Provider (IdP) via Deep Links. This typically requires custom set up per client, as each environment is completely different. Although SAML 2.0 is a standard, each installation is unique.  

This allows you to take advantage of the many benefits like Forms, Reporting, Business Intelligence, Workflow, Online Education, Email Broadcasting, and more that your current enterprise might now offer today. Learn more about Centralpoint-To-Go

All content modules within Centralpoint can be e-commerce enabled. This means that if you wish to sell anything -- a record, a video, or an online course -- you can. Of course you can manage a product catalog where users can shop, add items to their cart, and check out, but you may want to make records e-commerce enabled you never before thought possible. You may wish to sell one report amongst hundreds of others that might be free. In this way, you determine what is sold and at what price. Any module can be ecoomerce 'enabled'. When a module is enabled, each record added, has an additional E-Commerce tab, to control such things as price, image, dim weight...allowing you to sell any record in your site (from a document, video, to a product). When a record is ecommerce enabled, and has a price (for purchase) it will automatically appear in the search results, and the record view, complete with an ADD TO CART feature.

Centralpoint's Digital Experience Platform  is an omnichannel knowledge management and content management platform. Centralpoint is an ecosystem; universal to any organization regardless of industry vertical or size. It streamlines the information from your business (through your distributors) to your end users (Something we call B2B2C), and in return order reports what actions they took (C2B2B). It is a revolutionary User Experience Platform which is creating a seismic shift in the enterprise content management and portal space. For more information learn how we re-invented the wheel...literally.

This organization chart (showing all audiences in the enterprise) can be easily rendered simply by creating a new record. You will find this tool under the Admin section of your Client Console. There are three different JQuery views of this chart, Centralpoint Wheel (Traditional), Centralpoint Sunburst Wheel (latest version), and also a Treeview. By selecting the different output of your org chart, it will render the view selected. Once you have created this record, simply click on View link at right to see the path to your visual enterprise mind map. This link may be added anywhere within your site to provide to your users. 

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