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Gamification refers to a process of making systems, service and activities more enjoyable. Centralpoint Gamification allows for your users to compete to be most active in their communities. Incentives can be provided to your users (whether it be employees, clients, or partners) to get more involved and compete to be the most active participant.

Centralpoint Gamification reporting allows you to see all of your users' activity, and compares one against the other, providing incentive for users to get involved. Gamification commonly employs game design elements which are used in so called non-game contexts in attempts to improve user engagement,organizational productivity, flow, learning, employee recruitment and evaluation, ease of use and usefulness of systems, physical exercise, among others. A review of research on gamification shows that a majority of studies on gamification find positive effects from gamification. However, individual and contextual differences exist.

The Centralpoint Blog Topics module allows you to control topics by categories where people can share their thoughts and ideas. For example, it is normally a good idea to bring up a topic for discussion as a way to get people talking about it . Then, everyone can begin sharing similar thoughts or ideas relative to that topic. Centralpoint Blog Topics is the way to manage all of your topics in an organized way for others to discuss. 

Centralpoint's Email Broadcasting & Alerts allow you to push out email- and text-based alerts to your users in a personalized manner. Centralpoint is unique as a CMS because it has an integrated email broadcasting engine. It is capable of sending out personalized emails, contingent upon when your content actually changes. Its intelligent integration between content rules and the users who receive them result in less work for you in maintaining both your website AND your email lists. 

Centralpoint's FitBit (and any wearable device integration) allows you to provide incentives for a healthier team. Centralpoint Fitbit integration allows for remote tracking of your staff to monitor such things as Geo positioning, Sleep patterns, Heart Rate, Workouts. This data can be incorporated into Centralpoint's Gamification tools in order to track and incent your team to become the healthiest member.

Centralpoint Forms to Documents (or Web to Print) empowers you to create any web-based form you need filtering the data submitted through a TEMPLATE, (Doc, PPT, Excel), which then outputs a standardized templated output document (doc, pdf, ppt, xls) to parse all incoming requests into recorded documents. This approach to document creation guarantees that the verbiage of the agreement or template, always be kept up to date. These actions can also carry custom workflow (depending on the form) and integrates it (including its approvals) with your back office. Forms encompass everything from e-commerce transactions to day-off requests to posting a web page -- each with its own unique workflow. Centralpoint Forms Management allows you to triage ALL incoming communication to your organization, route it for appropriate workflow, integrate it...

Centralpoint's Health Logs provide your users with tools to track their progress over time. Whether they are tracking their calories, their blood sugar, or their travel expenses on a monthly basis, Health Logs enables them to easily record and monitor their progress. This highly versatile set of reports allows you to set up logs for anyone to chart data at any time. Logs, which can be set up to track data daily, weekly, quarterly, or annually, offer robust line charts based on the information submitted.  Centralpoint has also been integrated to work with FitBit and/or wear able devices, so that the health data can be aggregated securely, given opt in consent by the members.

Centralpoint's Education Courses empower you to manage as many courses you desire and offer your users the ability to take tests online. The courses are made up of questions and can be automatically graded. The results are routed to the administrator for that course. Once someone passes the test, they can see their certificate of completion (which you are able to design), print it out, and frame it on their wall, if they so desire. You can generate reports on all of the course activity.

Centralpoint's Policies & Procedures module streamlines the way organizations manage their policies. This module suite allows you to easily create or update policies, routing them -- via email -- directly to the right administrator for review. Once reviewed and approved, they are automatically released to the site. This way, the parent Procedural Manual can be downloaded "fresh off the press" with the most recent changes. 

Centralpoint Surveys empower you to create robust surveys for your users and then route the results to the appropriate person in charge. Surveys are a great way to solicit feedback from users so you can monitor their level of interest in your organization or products/services. Survey results are presented in a graph or reporting view.   Centralpoint Surveys is comprised of two modules: Questions and Surveys. A Survey record is comprised of one or more Question records. Administrators can place the ...

Centralpoint's Voting module allows you to manage ballots and users' votes. It's simple to post candidates to your ballot and gauge your users' interests. This module is typically used to track the political interests of your users, or to hold contests for any given situation. For example, voters may vote on the best employee, the best department, or even their top choice in the presidential election. In each of these scenarios, the candidates represent those options to be voted on and the ballot is the ...

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