Caveat Cumulus Emptor

"Cloud Buyer Beware". Most organizations are stampeding to move to The Cloud. Oxcyon themselves will present a Cloud solution for it's Centralpoint application, but we ALSO support On-Premise installations. Many of our competitors offer Cloud Only. This is a subtle yet important distinction, when considering  any ECM, DXP or Portal "Platform" provider. Vendors who offer ONLY cloud restrict your choice, and limit your options. Their election to support only cloud suggests it will be easier to support all clients in one place. That might be fine for them, but it will likely result in a dramatic limitation to your ability to customize it specifically for your needs. The more subscribers to their cloud only model, also suggest an decrease to the flexibility of any one client's requested change to any function of that application. It is obvious that those vendors who have elected to offer Cloud Only, is not because they are more modern, it is simply because they've thrown up their arms trying to support (left behind) On Premise client installations. Don't take us the wrong way, we love and support the cloud, but the obvious list of savings are seductive:

  1. Your data is available 24/7/365
  2. You never worry about backups
  3. You don’t need a server
  4. You don’t pay huge, upfront software licensing fees
  5. You’ll save money on IT expenses
  6. You won’t hassle with Hardware Issues
  7. You can work from anywhere at anytime
  8. Technical support is easier to get
  9. You’ll comply with regulatory requirements more easily

Oxcyon gives you the option of Cloud or On Premise. This allows you the flexibility to select private or hybrid cloud and change your mind at any time along the way. Centralpoint supports very unique Evergreen, Remote (pull) Updates, regardless of where you decide to host (on premise or Cloud). In either case that environment is updated on a bi weekly basis, just as if it were a stand alone installation. Our Evergreen approach gives greater flexibility to users to either install on premise or cloud, without ever having to worry about obsolescence of what we installed in the first place. I have coined a term called Centralized Autonomy, which suggests the local user (or client) should have complete autonomy to customize as they need to, in any environment, leaving our role as being the update center, wherein our new code is pulled down to (whatever) your environment. This approach also allows for your local development team to customize and integrate with as many back office solutions as needed.

Besides these obvious benefits of Cloud, we encourage you to take a step back and question why the vendor is offering Cloud only, and not on premise. Question what it means for you, despite making it easier to deliver for them to support a growing list of clients. We can all agree that change is constant, which leads us to choice is good. Re-consider any vendor who takes away that choice. It will eventually mean a limit to your autonomy, and what you choose to customize their offering around your specific needs. 

                                                                                                                                    Oxcyon's Evergreen Lifecycle 

More on our Evergreen Updates

Centralpoint is a (SOA) Lifecycle Management Platform, designed to virtually update on premise clients (or in their own hybrid, private cloud) after we install it. Our mission to "Provide Our Clients the Best Possible Digital Tools Available " (at all times). The growing menu of options available (Content Management, Documents, Forms, SSO, Email Alerts, Advertising, Reporting, etc) is based upon our Voice of Customer (VOC) and is interpreted by Gartner and others as what they call a 'Digital Experience Platform.' In all reality Centralpoint is larger than other vendors in this space, because of it's service oriented architecture. Centralpoint is a Lifecycle Management Platform, which happens to offer a full gallery of modules that many organizations need today. It anticipates change and responds to it when it happens. Visit our Updates to see why we are the only vendor in our space committed to this fluid and immediate response. 

Today, Oxcyon has enjoyed over 17 years of incremental (bi-weekly) updates, resulting in the most mature platform available (offering the most functionality out of the box in a modular construct). Our unique bi-weekly Evergreen updates are a lifecycle rooted in the humility that we do not know the future....we can only better prepare for the unknown. We anticipate surprise, do our best to educate ourselves to make educated guesses to reduce uncertainty, but we will never eliminate it. Nobody can. Our Evergreen updates prove our commitment to being able to respond to change, no matter what it might be. Oxcyon will also not work with any partner who does not share the same philosophy. .Our strategic alliance with Rackspace is due to their approach to dealing with security, incidents, and changes to the environment of our hosted clients.                                                          

So the short term postures that people assume make change a scary prospect for many. This is found all the time in technology, as so many 'experts' are putting their career behind the 'expertise' du jour that they bring to the party.. Some people fear change because it may mean that they lose their livelihood, and they will, if their expertise doesn't continue.  What they should be doing is changing their expertise (also referred to as learning) and constantly. Learning is hard work because it requires humility....the humility to know what you don't know, and to anticipate surprise. I am tired of people being constantly surprised by (the same) surprise, and is the mantra of our company culture. It is also the pre requisite for any partner that Oxcyon considers working with, like Xerox, Rackspace, or technologies that we use to run our business. Everything requires this humble approach, and a system in which to deal with these updates. Microsoft would not be the leading operating system if it wasn't for it's ability to remotely and automatically, udpate itself. Think about it, 'Windows Updates' are the secret to Microsoft's success, and the better the updates and more frequent the updates (so that they are almost invisible to the user), the better. There have been times where some Microsoft Updates, were not properly tested prior to release, representing major turbulence in its' client base and their satisfaction. 

Oxcyon, and it's partners follow a similar philosophy to their ability to remote update and often. Below is a diagram which outlines our approach to the unknown. It begins with identifying new requirements, and includes the many steps to design, quality control, and test for performance and security impacts on the totality of the application already in play (the current version of Centralpoint) to preserve backward compatibility. Centralpoint updates, as well as Security updates by Rackspace, which allow for them to respond to new vulnerabilities and security threats as we do with our client's market dmeands. Both are in a constant state of change, and as it relates to security, it tends to intensify. It also allows for us to (each and collectively) respond to market demands, and changes to regulatory requirements and compliance.                                                        

But our fears, whether rational or not, cannot stop the hands of time and as time marches forward it drags change along with it. So we all have to face the inevitable, inescapable and immutable fact that change is coming. We must also cease to fear change. Change is only traumatic if we try to resist it or if we position and entrench ourselves on the wrong side of history. So how can we navigate the inevitable change without fear? Here are some tips.

The first tip is from General Colin Powell, “Don’t let your ego get too close to your position, so that if your position gets shot down, your ego doesn’t go with it.” We all have to take positions on all manner of issues big and small. One has to find a way of ensuring that whatever position you take on any issue does not come to define who you are. Maintain a healthy multifaceted identity and do not become a single dimensional caricature. You can support your political party, be a consummate professional, an active community member, a sports fan, a parent and several other things. Do not tie your whole being to things that are bound to change.

The second tip comes from the Gospel of Saint Luke 12:2-3 (New International Version): “But there is nothing covered up that will not be revealed, and hidden that will not be known. Accordingly, whatever you have said in the dark will be heard in the light, and what you have whispered in the inner rooms will be proclaimed upon the housetops.” If you do not want it proclaimed from the rooftops, do not whisper it to a man who may be secretly recording your conversation and not taking good care of the tapes.

The third tip is from General Dwight Eisenhower who said “Extremes to the right and to the left of any political dispute are always wrong.” At the end of the day, we all really want the same things for ourselves and our children. The only disagreements that we have are about how these noble objectives are to be achieved and by whom the task of achieving them is best executed. So instead of adopting extreme positions, always seek the middle inclusive ground.

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