Reinvent the Wheel

You need more than simply a content management system or need an omni-channel platform to reach everyone, everywhere. You need Centralpoint

Centralpoint empowers you with an ecosystem, or wheel, putting you at the hub of any number of spokes. It is a game changing technology, which is a convergence of all of the technologies you need for your digital strategy in one product. Because it is a wheel, it can fit any organization regardless of size or vertical. The Centralpoint Wheel means a beginning to true knowledge management, and unlimited ways to capitalize on the efficiency it brings to your organization and your members. No matter who you are, you are at the center of your business, and have many users to reach which are the spokes. Gartner calls this new emerging space, Digital Experience Platforms, and we are one of them. 

The wheel begins with the central point of all of the many audiences (micro-sites and portals, each with their own URL and sign on touchpoint) giving you power to distribute (or cascade) information out to everyone in your ecosystem. More important than streamlining your communications 'out' to your constiuents, whoever they are (Oxcyon calls it:  B2B2C) is the return trip. Based on the users' experience with the information (orders placed, tests taken, tracking who has downloaded what), is the harvest of rich business intelligence (Oxcyon calls it C2B2B), which is the User Experience Gartner refers to, leaving you with information circulating out to everyone, and returning their activity back to you; an ecosystem. Pretty lofty, but you will find that whatever business you run, in any vertical, it works the same way. It is just a question of how big your wheel is, how many spokes it has...each one somewhat different. Since we track everything they do, it is a natural for us to manage the game mechanics to compare their usage, offer incentives to increase their usage, called Gamification, one of many benefits to centralizing your information.

You may be interested to know that in 2000, Microsoft attempted to merge all of their server products into a singular product. It was called (at that time) Project Codename Jupiter (like the moons of Jupiter). There goal was to converge all of the functions of the servers of that time into one platform. Microsoft Biz Talk, Microsoft E-Commerce, Microsoft Content Manager, Microsoft SQL, and others. Microsoft canned the idea, because it was too ambitious, and believed it would be too difficult to sell, easier to sell individual products vs an all in one solution. Oxcyon was founded in 2000 to take the path less traveled, deliver on this mission, and has.

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