Service Level Agreement & Response Times

What is required to get support, patches and fixes from Oxcyon?
In order to receive support, patches and fixes from Oxcyon, you must purchase, and be current on, maintenance or a subscription for the product on which you require support. Oxcyon’s bi-weekly update will provide you with the latest version of Centralpoint via our remote updates. 

What is maintenance?
Oxcyon maintenance complements your product purchase with the critical combination of product updates, support and training. It helps you stay current with technology, keeps your Oxcyon solutions running smoothly and reduces the overall risk to your IT operations. Maintenance is a key ingredient of the deliverable to our clients and is part of our ongoing commitment to help our customers successfully integrate mixed IT environments. Maintenance is also defined as Oxcyon’s guarantee to keep your project operational (as it was delivered) through the period of maintenance. It may also include support of localized custom development work (by the client) atop and working in unison to the delivered instance of Centralpoint. That support might carry a separate charge if it relates to client code which might impact Centralpoint’s normal functionality.

What is the definition of a service request?
A Service Request or “Issue” is defined as assistance with one issue, problem, or question relating to the use or installation of a Oxcyon product or product component, regardless of the number of communications required. A single service request is a problem that cannot be broken down into subordinate problems. If a problem consists of subordinate problems, each is considered a separate service request. In addition, Oxcyon considers access to a support engineer at least one service request. All service requests should be made via Oxcyon Issue Management System found at: Oxcyon Issue Management Systemor you may contact your PM (Project Manager), or TSR (Technical Support Representative) whose contact information will be provided to you upon execution of your agreement with Oxcyon.

Do I have to use a service request to get support for a bug?
Customers may submit a bug fix request without speaking to a support engineer. However, if you want to speak to a support engineer, a Service Request is required. If your issue is an unreported Oxcyon software defect, you will not be charged for the Service Request. However, if this software defect has already been reported and logged as a Support TID in our Oxcyon Support Knowledgebase it will be considered a service request.

Do I have to use a service request if I just have a quick question, or if it only takes a few minutes to get a resolution?
No, you are free to email or call your Project Manager, but it is highly recommended that you DO submit it as an issue, so that we may keep track of your request, and maintain an audit trail of your request, and our response. It is also recommended because the turn around time will be less, as if your designated project manager is not available, the question may be answered sooner by our technical support staff (in their absence). Some calls may be resolved very quickly and will not be considered a formal Service Request. You may also count on Oxcyon technical support to handle complicated issues that may take considerable time and effort from multiple Oxcyon resources, and these very complex issues will also be considered a Service Request.

For quick questions, we recommend that you visit the Oxcyon Issue Management System for a variety of online options, as well as powerful support tools. The Oxcyon Issue Management System  is a very good resource and we have made it easy to post your questions or issues. Typically response to mission critical (down age) issues are immediate, where an answer to a question is answered within 24 hours.

Does Oxcyon define different levels of severity for a service request, and does this influence my response time?
Yes. The severity of a Service Request is defined when created, and can be set by the customer creating the Service Request electronically, or by a Customer Service Representative over the telephone. We rate these service requests as Critical, High, Medium and Low. Oxcyon does prioritize response times by Severity and maintenance program level. Please find below the service response expectations based upon the type of issue being submitted. 

Severity Level


Target Response Time – Standard 
Single Site or Portal

Target Response Time – Priority
Master Enterprise License

1 –Critical

The operation is in production and is mission critical to the business. The product is inoperable and the situation is resulting in a total disruption of work. There is no workaround available.

Immediate – 30 minutes

Immediate – 30 minutes

2 –High

Operations are severely restricted. Important features are unavailable, although work can continue in a limited fashion. A workaround is available.

4 Hours

2 Hour

3 –Medium

The product does not work as designed resulting in a minor loss of usage. A workaround is available.

Next Business Day

4 Hours

4 –Low

There is no loss of service. This may be a request for documentation, general information, product enhancement request, etc. 

Next Business Day

Next Business Day

What steps should I take before registering a service request?
Search Oxcyon's Website, and/or  Knowledge Base (Found within the Client Console) for answers to even the most stubborn technical questions. This ever-growing collection of product manuals, articles, tips and technical information documents (TIDs) contains the information you need now. If you do not find the answer you need, you will be given the option to initiate a Service Request.

How do I register a service request or Issue?
The process for logging your service requests varies depending on the severity of your issue. For Severity 1 issues, contact your Oxcyon support center by phone AND submit your issue at Oxcyon Issue Management System . For all other issues, please submit your service request online only at Oxcyon Issue Management System .

What is a CID?
A CID, or Contact ID number, is the number given to you by Oxcyon when you are entitled to support. This number is your unique identifier within our support center database and allows you access to Oxcyon support on the internet and/or via the telephone. All of your accounts, agreements and entitlements with Oxcyon support should be tied to this one CID number. For Master Enterprise License clients Oxcyon will provide multiple CIDs for the each resource associated to the project. 

Can I use someone else's CID to register a service request?
No. CIDs are to be used only by the person to whom they are assigned.

How do I add Contact IDs?
To learn how to add extra Contact IDs please contact your sales representative or Project Manager to learn how to assign additional resources (and their related Contact ID) to your account.

How can I get a faster response time or higher level of service?
Oxcyon offers different levels of support programs which, depending on the license agreement, include tiered levels of support based on access hours, response times and frequency of support usage.

Does Oxcyon offer any immediate direct phone access to support representatives after raising a service request?
Immediate direct phone access (and online submission of your issue) is a recommended option for High Severity issues.

What happens to my service request once a defect is logged?
Defects that meet the initial requirements for a fix will be scheduled for an upcoming field test file (FTF), patch, or release. Your engineer will set the expectation on the release date and may choose to close the Service Request depending on the severity of the issue and the schedule date for the fix release. Defects that do not meet the initial requirement for a fix will be logged and considered for a future release and the Service Request will be closed. A Service Request with an associated defect can be reactivated at any time to check the status of the defect.

What is Oxcyon Technical Services Online?
Oxcyon offers the ability for customers to receive online live sessions with an Oxcyon support representative. This method provides the ability for Technical Support Engineers to screen share, connect to the client’s server (if on premise) chat, diagnose, and establish remote control all through a single tool and session.

Can you tell me approximately how long I'll have to wait for an initial response?

Your response time will vary depending on your entitled support level and the severity of the issue. It could range anywhere from immediate (within minutes for a mission critical issue, like down age), to 4 days, depending on the severity of the issue being submitted. 

What if the support engineer doesn't resolve my problem?
The issue will be escalated to another technical service area of expertise within Oxcyon, or within the client’s organization in order to resolve.

What if I am not satisfied with the way my service request is handled?
Please call the support center to register any complaints or concerns regarding your Service Request. To send a written complaint, please follow the administrative remedy as outlined within your initial proposal or service level agreement. Your feedback will be routed to the appropriate manager. All issues tracked within the Oxcyon Issue Management System are audited against all clients (and cross referenced against Oxcyon production support personnel). This allows Oxcyon to track closure times, and the quality of services being provided at all times to all clients. FYI- This gamification report internally is used to provide incentives to resources of Oxcyon.

How can I provide feedback about my support experience?
You may provide feedback any time. The feedback provided at this link Oxcyon Issue Management System is monitored by our customer service representatives and passed to the appropriate managers for consideration and resolution. Additionally, unless you choose to opt out, a short survey will be sent to your e-mail address each time a Service Request is closed. Oxcyon uses this information to improve our products and support services.

How do I request to escalate my service request?
Many things can happen during the course of troubleshooting technical problems that may necessitate escalating your Oxcyon Service Request (SR). Oxcyon may initiate such an escalation on its own. To request an SR escalation yourself, you may use any of the following methods:

  1. You may retag your existing issue to a higher level of priority at any time
  2. Contact the assigned Technical Support Engineer (TSE) to ask him/her to escalate the Service Request.
  3. Email or call Customer Service Representative (CSR) to request an escalation.
  4. Call the CSR for a manager to request escalation.

When you request the escalation, specify what you would like to see happen. Escalating a Service Request may mean raising its severity level, reassigning it to another engineer, involving second level resources, or speaking with a manager.

Can we have a custom maintenance agreement to meet our specific needs?
Yes, many of our clients do request specific maintenance coverage to meet their organization's needs. Whether you are a multi national, or are operating a mission critical solutions, where uptime is critical, Oxcyon can customize a maintenance plan to meet your specific needs. Custom maintenance agreements typically result in a premium fee, based upon your requirements. Oxcyon 
is committed to resolving problems quickly. By using this process to communicate clearly what you need from us, we can do a better job of helping you be successful with Centralpoint technology.

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